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Prices of Fish at Tavernas

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Lately there have been multiple cases of complaints made by tourists about the prices of fish in restaurants and tavernas in Thassos. After having their meal, they believed that they were being overcharged and put their complaints with the Police, causing trouble and stress on the owners of these restaurants, which at the end were found to be needless and unfair.

I believe it is unfair to complain and cause trouble after having a delicious meal chosen from a menu with all the prices and information. The first thing waiters do is pass the menus out, and people have all the time they need to check everything. Before placing their order, visitors should check the menus where it is written explicitly if the fish is wild or from a farm, fresh or deep frozen, and see the prices of each one.

In order to avoid such misunderstandings, it may help if visitors know the following about fish and prices.

In Greece fish is classified in different categories. Wild sea bass and bream, sole, red mullet, sargus and a few more belong to the 1st class and sell in the restaurants for 50-60 Euros per kilo. It might seem expensive but for Greek standards Thassos is one of the cheapest places to buy fish. Usually they sell from 80-100 Euros in other tourist resorts and cities. 1st class fish and 2nd class fish from farms sell about 30 Euros per kilo and 3rd class fish, like gavros and sardines, are even cheaper.

Greeks, Italians, Turks and visitors from many other places find the prices here extremely low and they consume a lot of fish in the restaurants. In case one wants to have such a fish but does not want to pay the price that is on the menu, one could then buy from the fisher's shop, in prices between 20 to 30 Euros a kilo and have it at home. Keep in mind though that especially during the summer when demand is high, you won't always find the fish you want in the market.

Have a nice time in Thassos, enjoy the weather, the sea and the food and please become one of our ambassadors in Europe and the rest of the world.


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    helensmumhelensmum Member (+) Posts: 29
    I have to agree with the comments about the fish inThassos. Really fresh fish in UK is very difficult to find and is often quite bland in taste in comparison to fish in Thassos.

    I have fish every night of my holiday - it's not necessary to have the prime fish ( I don't think anyone who prefers meat would have a fillet steak every night) There are fantastic fresh sardines, small mullet and mixed small fish widely available, all about the price of a main menu dish, very tasty and delicious.

    If you feel the price of the fish might be too much, ask the restaurant to way it before cooking it and so you'll know if you can afford it or not.

    Enjoy! I do!!
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