spanner in the works ... Getting to the island

spanner in the works ... Getting to the island

So Thomas Cook are no longer covering thassos, and so far haven't spotted anything on TUI that i really fancy. I have emailed the hotel we like to stay at to see if they will be starting to take their own bookings but now i have the problem of getting there! currently only TUI fly to Kavala which is fine IF the hotel take from Sundays (previous they have only taken Thomas cook bookings whose flights have always been Fridays) Also we have to assume that TUI will have seats when we book.
So if i have to fly to Thessaloniki what are my options on getting to the island? I really hope there's a stress free option because the idea of not returning is unthinkable!


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    Hi Leanne,

    Just checked and Thomas Cook are still covering Thassos, they might not be using their own planes but they usually wet sail airlines under their own flag.
    From past experience of reading reviews TUI often charge as much for their flights as their packages.
    The Journey from Thessaloniki is around 2.5 hours in a car. Others have used that route and hired a car.
    I think there is a bus but probably not that frequent as little is talked about using that option.
    If your hotel is no longer using TC then I am sure they will most accommodating to you.
    I would check the cost of the flights before committing a booking
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    which resort are you looking at Leanne, as I know of one hotel that I was happy with in GB
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    I spoke to Thomas Cook this morning and they aren't doing it after this year, they finish is September. I'm just doing some research and since I know the costings already from Kavala and feel comfortable doing that without the need for a tour operator we are going to work around the flights rather than the hotel.

    Delboy I knew you'd have an answer for me!! Where you of to this year?
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    The med in Skala Rachoni, You've stayed at Golden beach side? We like Rachoni as it's a bit quieter but still has some great tavernas. Although we have considered giving Golden beach a try.
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    GB Leanne lol

    Thomas Cook are obviously reigning in their resorts then after this year's financial problems.
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    Yeah that was my conclusion as well. It's funny because one of the reps hinted about it last year but I didn't give it any thought at the time.

    another trip report? The island just drags us back! we are of to Zakinthos on Monday, I just know I will spend the time comparing the two :smiley:
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    Oh have a good trip not been there to comment.

    Yes will do another report, so you might live it again through photos lol
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    I will look forward to it!
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    I believe the bus takes over 5 hours and does not go direct to Keramoti so not really a good option
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    Delboy's right! It's an option but not a good one. You'd need to take a bus from the airport to Thessaloniki's bus station. Then from the bus station to Kavala. Then from Kavala to Chrisoupoli. Then from Chrisoupoli to Keramoti. It's a long and tiring journey I would only suggest if you're on a tight budget. :)

    Renting a car or hiring a taxi is the most straight-forward approach. I could recommend renting a car from Potos Car Rentals (they are a Thassos-based company with a branch at the airport in Thessaloniki). Get a 5% discount with promo code "gopotos" on their website till 30/06/2019.

    For hiring a taxi, I suggest:
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    Hi Augie.
    As noted it is a huge disappointment re Thomas Cook.
    Are you aware of any lobbying to Thomas Cook to review their decision?
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    Hi Hamish,

    The state that TC are in will be a matter of survival and what is the higher profitable end of the market to them. I would not use them without Atol protection and even then only by credit card as rule 75 gives you some protection if the worse was to happen.
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    Huge disappointment indeed, Hamish! The locals are sad this is happening but don't know what to do about it, if anything can be done at all.

    On a positive note, the newly elected mayor will get into office at the end of this year and he pledged to focus on tourism development which includes an effort to increase the direct flights to Kavala from the UK and other western European destinations. I have my fingers crossed because the lack of flights to Kavala is a massive stumbling block.

    You can fly to Kavala from the UK via Athens daily but the cost is quite high, unfortunately.
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    Once Thomas Cook stop theirs then the only direct flight from manchester is TUI ... i imagine seats on those are going to be like Hen's teeth.

    Augie i would be interested in keeping up with news on the above mentioned tourism pledge.

    I must admit the messing with flying into Thessaloniki puts me off and would probably only come if we can get in via Kavala … Also haven't Kavala just had a huge upgrade? Thank you for all that info Augie, you have confirmed that I really don't want to!! LOL

    I emailed the hotel we have been going to and they have said they are in talks with a few places and get back in touch in October. They were once a TUI hotel so I'm hoping to make life easier they return to TUI but who knows!!
    Having just spent 3 weeks in Africa and now going to Zante I won't make it over this year but now I'm worried I won't ever get back!!!!

    I agree with Delboys comments, due to the trouble TC are in right now (and I have a holiday booked for next march with them) I understand why they are pulling some of their destinations in the hope of survival
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