Hiking from Potamia to Ypsarion

Hiking from Potamia to Ypsarion

I will go to Thassos in the following days. I was hiking from Potamia to Ypsarion during my last vacation on Thassos. I would like to hike the same route sometimes half on september.
My question:
Is it still possible to walk along the sidewalk from Potamia to Ypsarion?


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    Hi idulgerov,

    I attempted to walk the Ypsarion in 2015 and my photographed journey of it can been seen on the 2015 trip report logged near the end of the report. (seen in the tourist review section on here)

    You have to go to the top of Potamia village to see the brown sign of the route. However, after that it is poorly signed and nothing marked on a river bed that you need to take. Beyond that some of the signs were lying on the floor and other markings were just ribbons or red blobs on trees.

    I reached a point where I apparently missed a mark on a rock showing the way up beyond my last point and if you reach there you have missed it too.

    Have a read of it to give you an idea. It may have been resigned since but on an important route for hikers it certainly needs it
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    Hi idulgerov :)

    I just spoke with a friend of mine who's very active and loves hiking through the mountains of Thassos, including the path to Ypsarion.

    The answer to your question: YES! Have fun!
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    Thank you for your answers :-)
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    Finally I hiked on trail Potamia - Ypsarion - Kamenos Vrachos - Theologos on 16.09.2019 .
    My trail is here https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/from-potamia-to-ypsarion-and-theologos-41641381
    If somebody is interested in :-)
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    Hi idulgerov

    Well done, how long did it take to get from Potamia to the Ypsarion ?

    Also do you have any pictures to add and can you point out the part where I went wrong in my trip in 2015.

    Always keen on how far I was before giving up


  • idulgerovidulgerov Posts: 4Member
    From Potamia to Ypsarion my hike took about 3:20 hours.
    Whole hike took 9:13 hours - with rest :-)
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