Festivals & Carnival dates wanted

Festivals & Carnival dates wanted

Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Lincoln Posts: 118Member (+)
Can anyone tell how to find the dates of festivals &Carnivals in Thassos this year,we will be there the last week of June and the first week in July and would like to visit one,many thanks


  • GoThassosGoThassos Posts: 128Administrator
    Hi Adrian,

    Information about Thassos Festivals 2014 won't be available until summertime.

    The program with all of the dates, times, and locations is normally released sometime in June.

    As we do every year, we will make it available on Go-Thassos.gr as soon as it becomes available.
  • JANNCOXJANNCOX Posts: 7Member (+)
    I am also going at this time, so will look out for the release of events. Thanks.
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