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Hello everone,

we are travelling to Thassos for the second time in July and staying at the Emerald Studios at Golden beach.
We would appreciate some opinions on the studios and if the hill is really that bad as some people have mentioned?


  • prettypeacock226prettypeacock226 Member (+) Posts: 0
    Hi We are going there in May (our first Thassos visit). I am starting to dread the thought of that hill up to Emerald. We live on a hill and I have always made sure we never holiday on a hill. Lots of people return there though so it can't be that bad. Or can it? The views look great though!
  • troublebutnice47troublebutnice47 Member (+) Posts: 7
    I'm sure it will be worth it. No hill no view! :D
  • andystuffinsandystuffins Member (+) Posts: 5
    My wife and I stayed there in August and loved it that much we have book for this August. We live in Lincolnshire and are in our 50's and found it no problem.
  • troublebutnice47troublebutnice47 Member (+) Posts: 7
    thanks andystuffins, I am sure i get up that hill somehow..lol :)
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