Traditional Pontian Greek Food & Dance at 9PM Saturday 24/08/13

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Traditional Pontian Greek Food & Dance at 9PM Saturday 24/08/13

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Witness the traditions of Pontian Greek culture!

Try authentic Pontian food and enjoy a night of traditional Pontian Greek dancing, a unique style that originates from the Black Sea.

Entrance is free.

WHEN: 9PM Saturday, 24 August 2013

WHERE: Next to the marina in the center of Limenas at the Theagenis theater.


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    GregoryGregory Member (+) Posts: 39
    In the evening of the 24th of August, the Pontians of Thassos organized a traditional feast, in the center of Thassos Town with great success.

    Thousands of people watched the local group of Diogenis of Sinopi and Representative of a Kavala Pontian group to dance the traditional dances of Pontos.

    When that ended the music went on and hundreds of Pontians start dancing and they all had a great time. People also had the opportunity to try some traditional food and sweets from Pontos.

    The feast lasted almost 4 hours as a proper Pontian feast lasts. People danced and invited the onlookers to take part and dance with them.

    We have to congratulate the organizers who gave their soul for the success of the night and who promised to present every year such a show and try to make it even better.
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