Will someone, maybe administrator answer me?

Will someone, maybe administrator answer me?

ivanabgivanabg Posts: 2Member
I have travelled to Tassos in June, 19th this year by Ferryboat from Keramoti to Limenas and back from Limenas to Keramoti in June 29th. Both times we payed ticket for 8 years old child 4 eur eventhough on price list on ferrybout cite price for children 5-10 years is 1,5-2 eur. Why that women in the port fared us more money than the real ticket price was? Why are your staff stealing from foreign tourists?


  • Leanne1976Leanne1976 Posts: 65Member
    Hi, I don’t believe any of the admins here are anything to do with the ferries or it’s staff.
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 206Member (+)
    you are pointing the finger at the wrong people here Ivanbg. Nobody knows of your circumstances and it would seem your daughter has been charged the adult rate. You should have questioned that at the time and place you purchased the tickets from, maybe with some proof of age.

    List of ferry prices had been added on here for your information and perhaps you should take it up with the ferry companies website.

  • AnthonyAnthony Go-Thassos.grPosts: 1Administrator
    Hi ivanabg,

    My name is Anthony and I'm responsible for updating the ferry information on Go-Thassos.

    I was very sorry to read your story because it sounds like you paid more for your child than you should have. The ferry company should have charged 2 euros for your 8-year-old child. In this case, I believe you should have presented to the ticket agent some identification to prove your child's age in order to get the discounted rate.

    We do not own the ferry companies so unfortunately, we can't speak on their behalf. We also do not sell tickets, the ferry companies sell their tickets directly to passengers who arrive at the ferry ports. I suggest contacting the ferry company you used directly. For your convenience, here are their websites where you will find contact details:




    We strive to keep the ferry schedules and prices up-to-date on our website, so that people are well informed about the ferry times and prices. Beyond that, it's the ferry company's responsibility to charge the correct price in every case.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or perhaps any suggestions for how we could help to prevent this from happening again to other people traveling to Thassos. :)
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 206Member (+)
    As usual, nice apology you got there Anthony lol
  • AugieAugie Posts: 340Administrator
    Thanks for your support, Delboy. :)
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