Dimitrious studio/apartments Skala Panagia

Dimitrious studio/apartments Skala Panagia

Hi, we are just about to book direct to stay at these apartments. Just wanted to check before I do that we are safe to book through links on this site. You hear so many bad stories, would just like a little feed back from anyone else that has booked direct and any reviews on dimitrious apartments. Thank you


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    Hi Meejulie,

    You're right for being cautious because indeed there are many bad stories out there.

    It is 100% safe to book your stay direct on Go-Thassos.gr. Each property is verified, as well as the host's/owner's contact details. I'm on the team that manages this site and we know all the properties and their lovely hosts/owners personally. You can trust that the reservation you make direct through this site will be genuine, as well as unbeatable in price.

    Dimitrious Studios & Apartments is quite a popular property near Golden Beach. I never stayed there personally, so hopefully someone else who did will tell you about their experience. :)
  • meejuliemeejulie Posts: 7Member
    Thank you, that's all I needed. Will be booking tonight :smiley:
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