Big Fire Near Children Camp Potamia

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Big Fire Near Children Camp Potamia

UmbralUmbral Member Posts: 11

Any updates ?

4 planes, 3 helicopters, volunteers came, and lots of firefighters.


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
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    Residents and tourists staying in Kinira have been asked to evacuate towards Limenaria on the island's southside because of the thick smoke in the area. Until now, no such orders have been given to people in Skala Potamia (the village visible in the webcam feed at the foot of the mountain).

    The fire started in a hard-to-reach place in the mountains. It started at dusk when the firefighting planes and helicopters aren't able to fly so it was able to spread during the night. At dawn, several planes and helicopters arrived to help the scores of firefighters, fire engines, and volunteers who have been up all night battling the flames.

    Wind conditions on Thassos are low to moderate at the moment which is a very good thing... if the winds her high this would be much more difficult.

    I hear planes flying overhead constantly.

    Firefighters continue to arrive from mainland Greece to help:

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    banirocbaniroc Member Posts: 3
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    Thank you for the update, Augie.

    We are planning on arriving on Sunday on the island.
    Until today, we were worried that we wouldn't reach the island because of the high traffic on that day .
    Now, we're worried we won't make it because of the fires.

    Hopefully the situation will be under control until then 🙏

    Would be great if you could share other first-hand updates.
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    UmbralUmbral Member Posts: 11

    Fire in Thassos: The burned area was limited to approximately 1,310 acres – (530 hectares) How much had burned in previous years

    The fire is now in remission with no active front.

    The burned area was limited to approximately 1,310 acres (530 hectares) Thassos from the fire that broke out last night in a forest area in the area Poplar, due to the immediate and exceptional mobilization of the Fire Department.

    In similar fires in Thassos, the following were burned:

    in 1985 (15.08.1985) 90,000 acres. (36.421 hectares)
    in 1989 (18.08.1989) 70,000 acres had burned (28.327 hectares)
    and in 2016 (10.09.2016) 68,850 acres had burned. (27.862 hectares)

    The fire is now in remission with no active front. In the area there are small fires and smoke while the aerials continue successive attacks until the last light. The extinguishing operation will continue in the evening until its complete demarcation and extinguishing of the small fires. In the morning, in any case, the first wave of air operations will begin at first light. Depending on the image, their continuation will be decided.

    185 firefighters with 15 teams of pedestrian departments and 38 vehicles are operating at the scene. For aerial fire fighting, a total of 10 aircraft and nine (9) helicopters have been allocated and operate periodically, including one (1) helicopter for aerial coordination. Assistance in the extinguishing work is provided by two (2) helicopters and three (3) project machines of the General Directorate of Fire and Rescue, volunteer firefighters and volunteer groups of Civil Protection, the Thassos Forest Service, as well as water carriers and project machines of the Eastern Region Macedonia & Thrace. An Echelon (CAEE) of investigative officers of the Fire Brigade has been activated in Thassos, while another Echelon of the Directorate for Combating Arson Crimes (DAEE) is moving to investigate the causes of the fire.
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    VintageVivVintageViv Member (+) Posts: 50
    Thoughts are with you all on Thassos x
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    UmbralUmbral Member Posts: 11
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    It is raining now (just short rain of 10 minutes) so this would finish some of the small possible fires. It would have been better if the rain came 2 days earlier.

    Some flames/smoke still exists.

    The big problem is that this fire was not naturally produced.

    What i heard from the locals so far is that two brothers (animal breeders) in that exact region where the initial fire appeared, had a big verbal fight because one accused the other of getting more land than the other brother (in a unfair way) and threatened him it will put fire to his animal farm, if he didn't want to re-split the lands equally.

    Apparently he did put fire, and now the whole situation is investigated by the fire-department and the police, to find if one brother is lying intentionally to do harm to the other brother and trying to find the actual truth.

    If you have any local information about this issue please add details.

    So short story, someone put fire and the fire got out of control since it is August. Just Sad. For a piece of land to destroy a whole forest !
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    DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
    There is a rumour going around that a 64 year old man has been arrested for arson. Not sure if that is true
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    UmbralUmbral Member Posts: 11
    Of course it is true.

    This is the guy who put fires in the last 2-4 years.
    A friend of mine was taken to the fire-station to be questioned if he put fires in the last 2-4 years.

    Pathetic, they left my friend free because he did nothing wrong, just walked in the wrong day a path where this idiot started fires out of revenge.

    I encourage an International Psychiatric hospital in Thassos.

    There was another crazy person who killed his whole family in Thassos.
    The case shocked the whole of Greece.
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