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Paying for a meal

JaneWJaneW Member Posts: 9
Hi, this may seem a strange question, and i have been coming to thassos for many years, but.. Can anyone remind me the rules for getting change after paying for a meal. Last year i had to request my change as the assumption was that i was leaving a large tip.. I did Google but can't remember the answer. Am i right in thinking you have to request change when paying.. Thanks


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 811
    Hi JaneW :)

    You are not right in thinking that. Tipping here is 100% voluntary. Your change should always be brought back to you unless you explicitly tell them otherwise. There is no rule or custom, in Thassos nor in Greece, where you are obliged to tip.

    My guess is that there was a misunderstanding which is why you had that experience. The staff may have thought you told them not to bring any change, if not verbally then perhaps with a hand gesture or facial expression. Do you think something like that may have happened?
  • JaneWJaneW Member Posts: 9
    I seem to remember putting the notes in the wallet, closing it and handing it to the waitress.. I try to have as close to the amount as possible when paying, thanks Augie.. I will request change in future.. Happen a couple of times last year, which made me think i was doing something wrong 😂
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 811
    You should definitely request your change if they don't bring it to you. That's the correct thing to do in those cases :wink:
  • AnthonyAnthony Administrator Posts: 21
    Hi JaneW,

    I normally pay by card, and if I am going to leave a tip I leave it in cash.
    As Augie mentioned, Tipping here is 100% voluntary, but it is appreciated.
    Some waiters/waitresses will remember you and you will get expedited service.

    Hope you have a great holiday :)
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