From Thessaloniki airpot to Thassos (Potos village)

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From Thessaloniki airpot to Thassos (Potos village)

Hello! We are planning a vacation to Thassos in July, but have no idea how to get from Thessaloniki airport to Potos. Could anyone help me? Would be very grateful for a detailed routinely by public transport.

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    IrynaIryna Member Posts: 2
    Hi Augi,

    Very precise answer! Many thanks to you and the whole community! Very helpful!
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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    You're welcome, Iryna. It's my pleasure!

    I hope you have the best holiday ever this summer! Feel free to come back with more questions if you have any. :blush:
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    penny24penny24 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, we travel to Thassos via Thessaloniki airport. We hire a car from Thessaloniki (ensure it is allowed on islands). We then drive to Kevala- about 1 he (only a few ferrys per day) or Keramoti- 2hrs drive (ferry every hour or less) during daytime. Then once crossed drive to destination on Thassos. We live doing things this way as our flights are late so we get a night at keramoti or kevaka to start our holiday and a short journey after to Thassos! Enjoy it.
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