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Independant Travel to Thassos advice please

AnnAnn Member (+) Posts: 7
We used to visit Potos years ago as a family on a budget package holiday, but since the UK companies (except the very expensive ones) pulled out, have been visiting other parts of Greece. We would very much like to return and are looking at independant travel. Is Easijet to Thessaloniki the best? are there certain days that are cheaper than others for flying etc? Would need to be school holidays ie end July/ beginning of August. Worried about driving from airport to ferry - when fresh off the flight and not adjusted to Greek driving/ road habits/ navigation etc (traffic lights/ busy streets/ roundabouts are scary!) - do you have to go through major built up areas or are you out on the main road quickly? Is it much more expensive if fly to Kavala? Any advice appreciated.


  • trevpnntrevpnn Member (+) Posts: 10
    Driving from Thessaloniki to either Kavala or Keramoti is a lot easier than you might think. Last year i did it for the first time, i printed directions and pictures of the juntions from the AA website. There is only one road out of the airport and after about a mile you drive onto a dual carriagway, then about two/three more slip roads to change onto more dual carriageways then its motorway all the way.
  • GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    Ryanair is another budget airline that offers flights to Thessaloniki. Compare with EasyJet and others to find the best deal.

    Flights are typically much cheaper the earlier you book them, so book as early as you can. Also, weekends tend to be more expensive days to travel than weekdays. Both EasyJet and RyanAir do a good job presenting prices according to dates, enabling you to find and book the cheapest dates and times.

    Flying to Kavala is usually more expensive, but the advantage you'll gain is more convenience. Less travel time and less costs/hassle for in-between travel.

    If you don't mind the road trip (it really is an easy and straight-forward drive!), you'll probably save quite a lot flying to Thessaloniki.

    Don't forget to search different airlines like Air Berlin and German Wings.

    A good price comparison website for budget airlines:
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Member (+) Posts: 126
    We did this for the first time last year,flying to Thessaloniki,hiring a car at the airport and driving to Kerimoti, and like you we were a little worried about the drive, I can tell you it was so easy and not at all stressful. I have a sat nav with Europe on it and set it up for Greece. We then followed with no problems,we have just booked the flights and accomadation for this year so that shows how easy it was, I don't think we shall be using a travel agency again for our Thassos holidays,any questions feel free to ask.
  • tilly67tilly67 Member (+) Posts: 14
    We do the drive from Thess on a regular basis but if I'm on my own I get the bus into Kavala then ferry to Prinos. There's a Potos car hire right on the harbour in Prinos or taxi rank/bus stop. I'm a rubbish driver even in the UK but hubby does the car journey really easily!!
  • AnnAnn Member (+) Posts: 7
    Thanks all. Have bitten the bullet and booked Easyjet. A little late for the best prices, but if it goes well this year we shall know what to do in future. Still got to book a hotel near the airport for the night before we fly back (bit tight to get there from Thassos in the morning, and also car hire, but I think Potos Car REntal are who we have used before and don't sting you for extra charges if you go between mainland and Thassos. Ann
  • tilly67tilly67 Member (+) Posts: 14
    Glad you've taken the plunge!! You're right, Potos don't charge the extra.
    I know everyone has their favourite hotel, ours is The Ambassador which is 10 mins from the airport.
    Enjoy your holiday.
  • GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    Great! After the trip, please consider writing about it... we might learn something new from your travel experience.

    Have a safe journey!
  • BluesmanBluesman Member (+) Posts: 8
    Although there maybe seemingly cheaper options (some off site) we tend to use Potos car rentals and have never had any problems. We also drive from Thessaloniki to Keramoti and find it quite straightforward.
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Member (+) Posts: 126
    Just finished arrangements for this years holiday to Thassos and thought I would share the details on here,
    2 couples travelling
    4 return flights Manchester to Thessaloniki £550
    2 one bedroomed apartments(not studios) £830
    1 group C car hire for duration (fully inclusive insurance,and 2nd driver) £360
    Overnight stay pre flight at Manchester airport (2rooms) £58
    Airport parking at Manchester airport £49
    Total cost is £1,847 this works out at £923.50 per couple or £461.75 per person for 2 weeks from 23rd June to 07th July
    I couldn't get a price anywhere near that from Thomsons, for the same
    Solo travelling is the way forward :D
  • grandma56grandma56 Member (+) Posts: 48
    We are flying BA to Thessalonika (got. Good deal in their January sale).
    We now need to organise journey to Keramoti as we are staying in golden beach.
    Tried to hire a car from potos cars, but they said they can't do anything for us until 3 days before. Not keen to leave arrangements that late.
    Has anyone hired a car from any other car hire company for the Thessalonika to Keramoti route?
    As we are going for three weeks we will not need car fir the entire holiday so was hoping to hire for a few days at each end of our holiday.
    Thanks in advance
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