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Live Webcam at Golden Beach, Thassos



  • angieangie Posts: 35Member (+)
    We only returned from Thassos two weeks ago.... and are lucky to be going back in 6 days .. To the best Greek island :)
  • Sandra MilesSandra Miles Posts: 51Member (+)
    2 weeks and 3 days yay, cannot come soon enough
  • grandma56grandma56 Hertfordshire Posts: 38Member (+)
    Looking forward to August and being on the beach. Although I do wish they would leave a little more space between sun beds. It's getting harder and harder to find a quiet relaxing spot on the beach in August.
  • Nannie FrenchNannie French Posts: 45Member (+)
    Looks like another storm's on the way?? Has it taken the camera out??
  • AugieAugie Posts: 339Administrator
    Hi Nannie French, the webcam is back online! :)
  • Nannie FrenchNannie French Posts: 45Member (+)
    Thanks, Augie - always prompt and reliable service from you guys!!
  • AugieAugie Posts: 339Administrator
    edited June 2017
    You're so welcome! Thank you for bringing the camera issue to our attention! :)
  • grandma56grandma56 Hertfordshire Posts: 38Member (+)
    Weather here on uk is same as Thassos, all we are missing is...the beach and the lovely people on the island.
  • grandma56grandma56 Hertfordshire Posts: 38Member (+)
    Does anyone know if EasyJet, Ryanair or Monarc are likely to be flying from uk to Kavala anytime soon?
    Would love to travel independently again, but really don't want to do the road trip from Thessaloniki again.
  • AugieAugie Posts: 339Administrator
    edited June 2017
    Hi Grandma,

    That's something we're very keen on finding out, too! Till now there have been no announcements on direct flights from the UK to Kavala's airport, but I hope there will be in the foreseeable future, following the privatization of Kavala's airport this year.

    In 2017, for the first time, a budget airline opened new direct flights to Kavala from Moscow and St. Petersburg...

    Promising sign? We'll see!

    We'll definitely inform everyone here if new direct flights from the UK are announced because there is indeed incredible interest! :)
  • Nannie FrenchNannie French Posts: 45Member (+)
    Hi Grandma, 56. Thos Cook have really good deals on flight only from Gatwick and Manchester, leaving at reasonable times and they are flexible about single flights so you can stay as long as you like! £89.99 at present for September.
  • Sandra MilesSandra Miles Posts: 51Member (+)
    Hi Grandma 56. We are going early on friday out of Manchester with Thomas Cook. It was only £480 per couple to Kavala. Thomsons wanted £1200 per couple. We are staying at Kastalia Studios on the beach at Skala Potamias with our Greek friends who do us a really good deal of only 600 euros for two weeks. Bit of a trek from Leicestershire to Manchester (leaving home at 2am) but who cares lol
  • grandma56grandma56 Hertfordshire Posts: 38Member (+)
    Thank you to all who replied about independent flights.
    I have tried Thomas Cook, but as we have to travel in school holiday time, the prices were not cost effective. It was actually cheaper to book a package. Not ideal, but at least we get to return to Thassos. Maybe next year we will get to travel independently ...who knows with the current climate..anything could happen.
    Thanks again, and looking forward to being back on Thassos in August 2017
  • Nikos KonsoulasNikos Konsoulas Posts: 45Member (+)
    Hello from leeds augie

    I have been spoken with easy jet planning department, jet 2 , and ryanair customer service and all adviced that due to uncertenty involving brexit they hold back the 2019 roster so i dont think they will be any time soon. 2018 is as normal wicheasy jet, jet 2, thomas cook and thomson have released Jet 2 started flights to thessaloniki from leeds and bradford airport,flights and packages have been released. ryanair has announced that if no deal striked for eu open sky licence they will be stoping flights from UK all together. i presume the same will be happening with other airliners. I was looking to come next year but thomas cook at moment starts at 1330£ for 4. thompsons is just short of 2k. ( I dont do politic talk but i thought to share my findings).

  • AugieAugie Posts: 339Administrator
    Hi Nikos,

    That is very insightful information - thanks so much for sharing!

    I believe our politicians won't allow the worst-case scenario to play out because that's in nobody's interest.

    Please keep us posted if you have more news in the future. :)
  • AugieAugie Posts: 339Administrator
    Hi everyone!

    Very sorry about the blurriness of the webcam. It appears we're experiencing some technical difficulty.

    The camera seems unable to focus at certain zoom levels and we don't know why, yet!

    Over the weekend, we cleaned the lens and reset the settings of the webcam. We also checked the internet connection. Nothing we did fixed it.

    We're in direct communication with EarthCam's tech support now. We're working together to find and fix the problem, so that you may again enjoy the clear, unobstructed live views of Golden Beach!

    I will update you as soon as we have one. Thanks for your patience and understanding! :)
  • SueandMacSueandMac Elmsett, Suffolk, UKPosts: 53Member (+)
    Thank Augie
  • derekderek Posts: 66Member (+)
    just seen prices for next june////looks like skegness for me .tommo,s are having a laugh?????
  • Nannie FrenchNannie French Posts: 45Member (+)
    Hello Derek
    If you're flexible about dates, Thomas Cook have excellent prices for early booking and you can book accommodation direct with the owners. I've been doing this for the last 20 years with different airlines, but Thos. Cook have been the best recently. Good luck
  • derekderek Posts: 66Member (+)
    hi nannie
    thanx for info.looks promising..
  • derekderek Posts: 66Member (+)
    me again nannie,,
    did you fly to kavala or salonika..

  • grandma56grandma56 Hertfordshire Posts: 38Member (+)
    Is it possible to hire/rent a wheelchair?
  • Nannie FrenchNannie French Posts: 45Member (+)
    Hello Derek. Thos. Cook fly from Gatwick and Manchester into Kavala on a Friday. They sell single flights so you can stay for three or four weeks if you wish and early birds - book as soon as next years flights are up - do get the best prices (with all the extra add ons as per al low cost airlines of course).
  • AugieAugie Posts: 339Administrator
    Hi Grandma56,

    I'm personally not aware of a place where you can hire a wheelchair on Thassos.

    Some hotels have wheelchairs onsite for guests to use at their property.

    I suggest bringing your own to be on the safe side! :)
  • grandma56grandma56 Hertfordshire Posts: 38Member (+)
    Thank you Aggie, will bring a travel wheelchair just in case.
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