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Live Webcam at Golden Beach, Thassos



  • HughesyHughesy Posts: 4Member (+)
    Thanks Julieb for the reply, only another 11 days and we will be back on the Island!!
  • BluehorizonsBluehorizons Posts: 3Member (+)
    I hope Thassos is as good as it would seem judging by the comments from you guys, as
    I have never been to the island before.
    Both my gorgeous new partner and I have been to many Greek islands , but not together, and so our visit at the end of this month will be rather special for both of us.
    Roll on the 30th and let's get some proper sunshine.
  • VivnChrisVivnChris United KingdomPosts: 36Member (+)
    When are Thomsons going to stop playing silly games with their prices and realise that many would like to book a holiday with them but if they keep hiking prices up on our favourite hotels in our favourite resorts we won't be booking?

    Holidays to Thassos around 20th September are now £950 per week average!

    I thought Thomsons were going through a bad financial time?

    It doesn't make financial sense to me to keep trying to drive Guests to book hotels they don't really want to stay in just because they are cheap!

    You might just be surprised at how many bookings you receive if you open up your marketing and give us all the choices we would like, after all we are all filling the same plane!
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 213Member (+)
    Hi VivnChris
    I totally agree, next year the prices are silly prices compared to this time last year. It may be a game they are playing in the hope that we will all jump in at a £50 drop. Also perhaps they are hoping to fill the plane with more AI people where perhaps they make even more money
  • ToneTone Posts: 60Member (+)
    edited August 2015
    It's all a game with Thomson - who knows what's going to happen next year - I recall when prices were released last year - all a lot more expensive - depending on how many bookings are made prices will fluctuate - that's market forces . Wait till after Xmas when prices usually reach their lowest . We all have a go at Thomson but it's still a cheap holiday compared to what some people pay and you have the surety and confidence with using an established Company.
  • VivnChrisVivnChris United KingdomPosts: 36Member (+)

    Want to book for September. So waiting until after Xmas is not an option!

    If prices were set at a reasonable price all year round then Thomsons would get more bookings and there would be no need for any marketing games, other than great late availability deals!

  • ToneTone Posts: 60Member (+)
    I was speaking generally - obviously for this September you can only choose what is now available - had you booked last January prices would have been a lot cheaper.

    Like you I so wish Thomson stopped playing games but they're a business and behave accordingly.................

    Won't stop us going though :)
  • VivnChrisVivnChris United KingdomPosts: 36Member (+)
    Many Hotels are empty and have availability in Thassos for September on the Thomsons website, but who would pay £944 per week per person for a 7 night self catering holiday in a Small & Friendly hotel in September? We know many hoteliers on the island who have empty rooms just waiting for Guests who can't book them!
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 213Member (+)
    edited August 2015
    Not sure what resort that you want to stay in VivnChris but it seems to me they want to get people into the 70 room Princess Golden beach for (all inclusive) for £595 that week rather than let people go into the small s/c apartments for a reasonable price, to me says things. I would wait and see what comes up later but there are always other holidays if they don't want to play ball
  • cooperkidscooperkids Posts: 75Member (+)
    We are going in September and booked in July. Looked at thomson last week and it had more than doubled. So glad we booked when we did.
  • cooperkidscooperkids Posts: 75Member (+)
    By the way we're in smaro studios definitely not all inclusive !!
  • ToneTone Posts: 60Member (+)
    edited August 2015
    Hi VivnChris

    Looking on Website today you can get Samardgi Studios in Sept for £378pp - we stay there - wonderful views , very clean and really friendly hosts - yes it's on the infamous hill but with what you're saving you can hire a car to get around or just use a taxi - they're cheap enough out there.

    Good luck - hope you get sorted soon and enjoy your stay at the best Greek Island ever !!
  • Nikos KonsoulasNikos Konsoulas Posts: 45Member (+)
    Book for 2 weeks for next year on last two weeks of August Hb for 4 people, with Thomas Cook as they start flying next year. Looking with Thomson flight only price Was starting 599 per person return.
    Thomas Cook 370 return from Manchester to kavala. Where on earth they make there prices? abit of competition finally started.
  • Wendy FlemingWendy Fleming Posts: 68Member (+)
    I don't think Thomas Cook are going to Potamia or Golden Beach.
  • HughesyHughesy Posts: 4Member (+)
    Evening all, has anybody stayed at Stefano's this year? If so did they have hairdryers in the rooms and was there an iron available to use?
  • JennyJenny Posts: 1Member (+)
    I stayed at Stefanos apts in June. They had no iron , hair dryer or kettle. Apts very nice. Beds exceptionally hard but had a great time
  • Nikos KonsoulasNikos Konsoulas Posts: 45Member (+)
    Hi wendy no there not got hotels in pottamia but flight prices are good compare to Thompson. At the moment only 3 hotels are out on the Web glykadi rachoni and one more.
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 213Member (+)
    Who's airline is Thom Cook using Nikos, as they don't always use their own ailine
  • Nikos KonsoulasNikos Konsoulas Posts: 45Member (+)
    hi good morning dellboy i think they will be using Condore air, Boeing 757-200 or 300,part of Thomas cook plc, as they do from Manchester currently for Spain destinations,
    but the problem is to my opinion is to why do have to pay for flight only full price at the time of booking wich in this case is more than 12 months in advance, and cant spread the cost. however if you take hotel with it it will let you.

    Like the Condor Airbus fleet, 13 Boeing 757-300 aircraft are used mainly for shorthaul and mediumhaul flights within Europe and to North Africa. This type of aircraft also has up to 26 Premium Economy Class seats available for an even more relaxed flight experience.
    The new premium cabin

    From 1st May 2015, Thomas Cook Airlines UK offers its customers the new premium cabin on flights departing from Manchester. No worries, everything is taken care of!

    Your pre-departure experience:

    Choose seats online prior to departure
    30kg free baggage allowance (25kg free baggage allowance for flights with departure from November 1, 2015)
    Two bags up to 23kg free baggage allowance for flights to and from the USA (one bag up to 32kg free baggage allowance for flights with departure from November 1, 2015)
    10kg hand baggage allowance

    While at the airport:

    Sun Down Check-in & Bag Drop open from 4pm – 10pm at Manchester airport
    Separate Premium Check-in (not including Holguin in Cuba)
    Fast track security pass at Manchester airport
    Separate premium boarding
    Premium baggage – baggage first drop

    Our on-board services:

    Complimentary welcome drink and snack prior to take-off
    3 course James Martin premium meal service plus light meal/snack prior to landing
    Complimentary drinks (not including Champagne)
    Amenity Kit: cool bag with eye mask, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, head set and ear plugs on the outbound journey and a felt folder for iPad Mini or E-reader on return
    Premium pillow and blanket
    Head-set for the in-flight entertainment system
    Complimentary activity for kids under the age of 7
    Newspaper or magazines
    Additional content on the in-flight entertainment system

    Although i don't know if the above services are available, which i hope they are, found it on Thomas cook web site: htts://

    Hope this help.

  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 213Member (+)
    Thank Nikos
    looks like they are a West German Airline and have 3 aircraft, I guess Thom Cook are using them to fullfil their contracts,D-ABOM-Condor.php
  • cooperkidscooperkids Posts: 75Member (+)
    Hi delboy and nikos
    ive looked at thomas cook for next year and baggage allowance is 15 kg xx
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 213Member (+)
    edited August 2015
    Hi cooperkids
    I could live with the 15kgs, we only had that with Thomson's this year but my main concern is the airline only looks to have three planes (according to planespotters) and not sure what the back up is should a plane go out of service due to a technical problem on the morning.
    As long as Thom Cook have one of their own planes available it may be ok
  • ToneTone Posts: 60Member (+)
    Looks like Greece might be thrown into uncertainty again with the current resignations , election and the newly evolved anti austerity party who I can see being elected - would seem to me that it would all be back to square one soon - really sad for the Greek people but I can understand their quandary when it comes to who to give their vote.

    No matter what happens we will continue to go there - next year will be later in the season as we are going to Crete in May for a week as an "extra " - can't do without our 2 week Thassos fix though :)
  • derekderek Posts: 66Member (+)
    logged in to book holiday for next yearwith thomson,,,when i saw the prices i nearly had a conary,,,,looks like blackpool aarrgh..
  • Nikos KonsoulasNikos Konsoulas Posts: 45Member (+)
    hi derek may i suggest thomas cook flights, (if flying from manchester
    ) and booking .com for hotel. may help.
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