Is there a music store on Thasos?

Is there a music store on Thasos?

TinkTink Posts: 1Member (+)
I would like to buy me a simple guitar for our two weeks vacacion ...Or is there something like a pawn shop? I wouldn´t take it home either, prices for taking musical instruments in the plane are too much. Any ideas? :o)


  • GoThassosGoThassos Posts: 128Administrator
    Hi Tink,

    There aren't any musical instrument stores or pawn shops on the island but it's possible you could find an instrument store in Kavala on the mainland, which is just a ferry ride away from Thassos.

    It may be better to ask around, however. Be it your host, or the owners at the tavernas and cafes you dine at, or the musicians themselves who perform live music at the tavernas. They may have some idea as to how you can get your hands on an instrument for a short while during your holiday.

    The more people you meet and ask the better your chances are to find something, so be sure to get out there and socialize while you're on Thassos. You may be surprised with how hospitable they are and willing to help!
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