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Live Webcam at Golden Beach, Thassos



  • ToneTone Posts: 60Member (+)
    Real shame about the Beach sweep - tbh I don't understand why it's been shelved after only 4 posts ( 2 for and 2 against ) I'm sure many " regulars " on her will be disappointed particularly for the very reasons pointed out by Ellie . the panoramic views of the mountains are already included in the span - I'm really grateful for Augie and his team for what they do in providing us with this free service - it was catering for everyone so why change it !
  • AugieAugie Posts: 353Administrator
    Hi Tone,

    I also received private messages and emails against the beach sweep over the last few weeks. That's why I wrote that we received "overwhelming" feedback. Sorry for not elaborating earlier.

    It's difficult to please everyone but we're doing our best to provide the best experience possible. That's why your feedback matters to us greatly. We will continue listening, learning, and adjusting.

    Thank you so much, Tone! :)
  • EllieEllie Posts: 15Member (+)
    Hi Augie,

    I must say I'm surprised there was so much feeling against the beach sweep ... why? Like Tone, to me there seemed to be something for everyone the way it was!

    I'm now sitting here eating my breakfast before going to work, watching the waves crash onto the jetty ... seriously missing my stroll along Golden Beach!

    So ... my husband and I have had an idea ... what if you raised the camera slightly during the winter months when no one is swimming, so that it shows less of the water but more of what's going on along the promenade ... cars, people walking dogs, maybe odd shops are doing something. Then in the summer when the season begins, you could lower it again. Just a thought.

    Or maybe you could still run the beach sweep, but just do it every couple of hours? I understand that you can never please everyone, but it's a shame to lose a good idea altogether.

    Cheers, Ellie and Bob
  • EllieEllie Posts: 15Member (+)
    So ... it's now been over an hour, and the ONLY view has been waves crashing on the little jetty ... and now I have to go to work. By the time I get home, it will be dark in Golden Beach ... so is this the only view I'll get to see for the rest of the winter!?
  • AugieAugie Posts: 353Administrator
    Hi Ellie, so sorry about that. Seems like there's a bug in the settings we changed yesterday. We'll get it fixed a.s.a.p. :)
  • terryterry Posts: 4Member (+)
    That sounds brilliant I do love the beach view when it's alive with people but not in the winter when there,s nobody around But all in all I think we all love our little piece if heven
  • BShuffyBShuffy UKPosts: 6Member (+)
    Yay, just booked to come to Thassos again next year. Last time we came was 2016. So looking forward to it, just wish the webcam was working (just keeps buffering) so that I can see what I'm missing ;-)
  • GangoGango Posts: 13Member (+)
    stating the obvious but snow!!
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