prices in general

prices in general

brummie1875brummie1875 Posts: 1Member (+)
Hi I was wondering how much food n drink cost in Limenara. Going in June for the first..?


  • GoThassosGoThassos Posts: 128Administrator
    Hi Brummie,

    Food and drink generally cost the same around the island. However, they vary between sit-down restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and super markets. Obviously it also depends on what you order.

    The following price ranges are averages at fast-food and sit-down restaurants, and the actual prices you find may be a bit lower or higher.

    Fast-food sandwiches like gyros, souvlaki, etc., cost between 2.50-3.00 EUR.

    Sit-down meals can cost between 6-12 EUR (or more) per dish. Appetizers and salads between 4-8 EUR. It depends on what you order and normally you have a big selection to choose from.

    Soft drinks cost 1.50-3.00 EUR per can/bottle.

    Beers cost 3-5 EUR (depending on the size, label, etc.)

    Hope this information helps you with your research!

  • helentoohelentoo Posts: 8Member (+)
    When we were there early May we found that some of the prices were actually slightly lower than last year, and virtually none of the prices had gone up, which was a real bonus.
    What can make the difference however is the rate of exchange that you get, so do shop around before you leave your home country and also shop around locally when you get to Thassos to see what the best exchange rate is, as that can obviously make a difference as to what the real cost to you is.
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